What Kind of Oil Can I Put on Synthetic Hair Extensions?


Caring for your synthetic hair is essential to keeping it gorgeous as long as possible. Trouble is, you're used to taking care of your natural hair, and synthetic hair requires completely different care. Oil, for example, is not a good idea on most kinds of synthetic hair. Use the right products to keep it fresh and fierce.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is made of different fiber types that mimic human hair. They aren't as durable as natural human hair extensions, but they're less expensive. While human hair extensions can be used in the same way as normal hair, synthetic extensions require more careful grooming.


If you're going to use oil on your extensions, use it on the ends after you've trimmed them. Don't use hot oil treatments since it can actually glue the fibers together. Avoid nut oils and many other oils used in cooking because they can turn rancid after they've been exposed to the air. Stick with essential oils used for normal hair, like lavender, lemon or clary sage. Blend a couple drops of the oil with a few ounces of water and use the mixture on the ends of your extensions.


You really don't need that many products to manage your hair extensions. A gentle shampoo that's made especially for extensions should work to remove any build-up or scents. Mist an unscented detangling spray on the extensions before you comb them. You can also use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. In general, though, keep products out of your hair extensions to extend their life.


Don't heat your synthetic hair extensions -- they can melt. In rare cases, certain fiber types can withstand the heat so check the package or talk to your hairdresser if you want to use curling irons or flat irons to style. It might be best to invest in one that has a temperature gauge so you don't overheat your extensions. Make sure you're using a brush made for synthetic hair. Tie your hair into a bun with a cloth hair band before you go to sleep. Adding a satin pillowcase to your linens can stop synthetics from tangling at night.

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