What Kind of Jeans Should Big-Legged Women Wear?

Dark wash jeans will help you conceal a bigger thigh.

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If you've got more than you can handle in the thigh department, jeans are a gamble you simply can't afford to lose. While the wrong pair can make curvalicious thighs look thick and blocky, the right pair can be a true fashion asset, transforming those mighty gams into super-sleek showstoppers.

Dark Wash

The fat-free set can wear light blue denim to their heart's content, but if you're trying to conceal substantial thighs, you'll want to stick to a dark wash. Deep indigo, black or other super-saturated shades should do the trick -- just make sure the color is completely uniform and free of feathering, fading or bleach splotches. Funky washes may add some urban appeal to an otherwise ho-hum pair of jeans, but they also draw the eye straight to problem areas and make legs appear larger. Same goes with bright white stitching and fancy detailing -- successful camouflage requires sticking to the kind of simple, classic denim that flatters the bod as it blends into the background.


Big, slouchy jeans may feel forgiving, but if you're carrying extra weight in the thighs, too-big jeans just look sloppy and unflattering. On the flip side, though, going skintight is also bad news for big thighs. Ideally, you want jeans that are formfitting enough to drop some serious hints about your feminine shape without turning every last bump and lump into headline news. Comfy as they may be, stretch jeans can backfire when you've got big thighs. Go too tight, and the stretch is bound to create funky lines, making an already iffy situation much worse.


Flared-leg jeans are your best bet for big thighs. These babies will put big thighs in perspective, making them look like they're just part of your bod's grand plan. Boot-cut can also balance out a bottom-heavy silhouette. If you're on the petite side though, you'll want to proceed with caution around boot-cut, as it can make already short legs appear even shorter. If you can't stand flared and aren't a fan of boot-cut, try a trouser-cut jean that drapes over the hip and skims the thighs. Whatever you do, though, give tapered jeans and skinny-legged jeans a wide berth.

Shape Those Thighs

Jeans with built-in shapewear can tame big thighs, shaving inches off your lower bod and making them appear all-around leaner and meaner. Or you can always wear shapewear under your jeans -- just make sure it's designed specifically for the thigh-area, or you can wind up with a less-than fab pancake booty.

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