What Kind of Hair Should I Buy for a Bob Sew-In?

Rapper Lil Mama sported a sythetic blonde wig in New York City.

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Bobs are classic haircuts that can be achieved through many different methods. Women often consider sew-in wigs and track extensions to enhance the length or volume of, or add color to, their bobs. Sometimes, using weave is better because you don't have to worry about altering your real hair. There are two kinds of hair that you can buy for a bob sew-in: synthetic hair and human hair. Depending on the occasion, one hair type may be better than the other.

When to Fake it

You can have every bob of the colored wig rainbow from light pink to an ocean blue. Synthetic sew-in bob wigs, which are filled with fake hair strands, are best for a full wig with outlandish colors. With this full-colored wig, you're not striving to sell the hair texture but the hair color. Because of this, the unrealistic shine and appearance of a synthetic bob wig is part of what is being achieved with your bob. However, synthetic hair doesn't always have that "fake" look, and looks great in more natural colors like brown and jet black. However, you may be limited to one type of bob hairstyle because synthetic hair doesn't take well to heat and is more difficult than human hair to style. This holds true for synthetic track extensions as well. If you know you want a curly bob, buy synthetic tracks that are already curly.

When to Keep it Real

If hair texture is the most important factor for your bob wig look, go with human hair when choosing your sew-in wig or track extensions. Top-quality human hair is better for creating a natural, undetectable look. You can also pull off highlights with sew-in track extensions and full color with sew-in wigs with realistic colors like honey blonde, brown and certain shades of red.

How to Apply a Sew-in Wig

Braid or pin your freshly washed real hair down as close to your scalp as possible. Cover your real hair with a cap. Next, use needle and thread to sew the wig starting with the hairline. You could also use glue to attach the wig to your natural hairline, then sew the middle and other loose parts down for extra support. Bob types of wigs come with or without bangs.

How to Sew In Track Extensions

Get braids close to your scalp going in a vertical direction all over your head. Leave some of your tresses out in the front, sides and back, though. Finally, sew the tracks onto the braids. You can buy the tracks at the length that you would like your bob or cut them after the application.

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