What Kind of Bra to Wear With a White Blouse

Julia Ormond knows how to rock a white blouse the right way.

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Believe it or not, women often wear the wrong-colored bras under their white blouses. Wearing the right bra sounds simple enough, but many ladies don't know which color to rock -- if you've ever been able to see a woman's bra right through her blouse, you can assume she doesn't know either. Although some shirts are meant to be see-through, the white blouse typically is one that is not, especially in the workplace. Selecting the right bra is simple enough and all you have to do is look in the mirror to know which one will work.

Pale Skin

Are you one of those girls who is so pale you're often mistaken for a vampire? If so, you can likely wear a white or off-white bra under your white blouse. The trick is to match your bra to your skin tone. So if you are extremely pale, you can probably get away with wearing this color bra under your shirt. Yours is the only color of skin that can get away with this, however, as white bras on darker skin tend to shine right through the fabric.

Medium Skin

If your skin is tan or beige, your best bet is to don a bra that is tan or beige, as well. A bra that is lighter or darker than your tone will peek plum through the fabric and let everyone see what you've got holding up the girls. Match your skin tone as best as you can to your bra, and your secret will be safe.

Dark Skin

Gals with dark and rich skin can get away with wearing brown and black bras. Again, you want to match your skin tone as close as you can to your bra. Gals with lighter dark skin can probably don a chocolate brown bra and not be exposed. Chicks with seriously dark skin can wear a black bra and get away with it. Look in the mirror and hold your bras up against your skin -- the one that is the same color is the one you should wear.

An Alternative

If you can't find a bra that matches your skin tone, do the next best thing -- wear a camisole that does. Is the only clean bra in your drawer bright pink? No problem, just slip a skin tone-colored cami over top and no one should be the wiser of your cute undergarment. You can also wear a white cami over your bra, as long as you don't mind seeing it. Spotting a cami under your blouse is far more acceptable than seeing a bra, so if you have to do it, go ahead -- there will be no shame in your game.

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