How to Keep Your Silver Chain Clean

Dulled silver jewelry will almost always shine up with a polishing.

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When it comes to silver jewelry, tarnished is tragic. If silver isn't cleaned properly, it can suffer surface scratches or just have that ugly, dull tarnished appearance. Storing your silver properly is just as important as cleaning it; sulfur and moisture in the air are major culprits when it comes to tarnishing silver. But never fear: Once you learn how to properly clean and store your silver chain, it will look shiny and new.


Pour warm water and a few drops of gentle dish-washing soap into a large bowl.


Place your silver chain into the soapy water and use your hands to clean off any dirt or tarnish. Do not use any kind of brush as you'll scratch your pretty silver.


Lay the chain onto a towel and let it dry overnight.


Polish the chain with a jewelry polishing cloth. Move the cloth in a circular motion over both sides of the chain.


Wrap the chain in anti-tarnish tissue and put it in a plastic bag if you plan to store it. Remove as much air from the plastic bag as you can.

Things You'll Need


1.Large bowl

3.Gentle dish-washing soap

5.Jewelry polishing cloth

7.Anti-tarnish tissue

2.Warm water


6.Plastic bag


Tips & Tricks


If you don't have time to give your silver a dip, skip to the polishing stage. A once-over with a jewelry polishing cloth will have your silver chain shining and get you out the door that much faster.


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