How to Keep Scrunched Hair Curly

Long hair looks luscious after it's scrunched into loose, beachy waves.

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Whether you want to boost your natural curls or define your permed hair, scrunching is your partner in crime. Scrunching is basically the act of grabbing and crunching your hair in an upward motion. You've probably done it tons of times before, even if you didn't call it that. The problem with scrunching is that it doesn't seem to last. However, the trick to making those scrunchy curls hang around is layering the right hair products on, from the shower to styling to drying.


Wash and condition your hair with shampoo and conditioner specially designed for curls. This stuff makes your hair kink up even if you don't have much natural wave or a perm.


Wring out your hair, then blot up excess with the towel. Don't rub or agitate your hair like crazy -- it brings out the fuzz and spreads out your curls. Just pat your hair with the towel.


Pump out some mousse into your palm. For long hair, go for about an apricot-sized amount and for shorter hair, use a grape-sized amount. Mousse defines your curls and holds them in place all day long.


Flip your head over and scrunch the mousse up into your hair. For best scrunching, hold the tips of your hair in your open palms then lift the hair up to your scalp while simultaneously closing your hand. Work your way around your entire head using this motion.


Leave your head upside down and blow-dry using a diffuser attachment. Scoop hair up into the diffuser and gently dry your hair, section by section. When your hair is dry, blast it with a shot of cold air. This icy air closes the hair's cuticles and locks that curl in.


Spray your whole head with maximum-hold hairspray. Shake your curls as you spray to ensure every curl gets coated.


Flip your head back upright. You should have a head full of scrunched, defined curls that are locked in place.


Wrap your hair up in a du-rag while you sleep to keep curls scrunched overnight.

Things You'll Need


1.Curl-defining shampoo


5.Blow-dryer with diffuser


2.Curl-defining conditioner


6.Maximum-hold hairspray


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