How to Keep Pants From Attracting Lint

Sort your laundry to keep pants from attracting lint.

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No one wants to have black pants covered in lint by the night's end. You pray that nobody -- or at least no one important -- notices the tiny fabric fibers that your pants have collected. A few laundry tips can go a long way to keep your pants from attracting lint in the future.


Take precautions when washing your clothes. Don't wash synthetics or dark pants with towels, your sweats or cotton/ramie blends. Synthetic fabrics, especially black, navy and other dark colors, are notorious for attracting lint faster than you can imagine. Towels, terry cloth robes, sweatpants and cotton blends are "lint givers," as these materials are generous with the amount of fibers they shed. Separate loads can take care of the lint problem well. Washing your clothing with a detergent free of cellulase enzymes may be helpful, too. This ingredient actually helps fabric shed stray fibers, and may make your pants attract more than their share of lint. Most detergents contain one or more type of enzyme to help you achieve best results when you wash, explains Iowa State University Extension. Read the ingredient labeling to avoid cellulase enzymes.


Dry your pants whenever possible to help them stay lint-free. The clothes dryer is your BFF when it comes to lint; the heat used to dry your clothing, as well as the lint-catcher inside the machine, prevents fine particles of materials from other clothing from sticking to your pants. Just remember to clean out the lint filter in your dryer after every use to reduce the likelihood of lint sticking to your pants. Use fabric softener -- liquid or sheets -- to reduce static; static electricity can increase the amount of lint your pants attract as well. You can even wipe down your pants -- gently to avoid staining -- with an unused dryer sheet to reduce static before storing. Take the pants out of the dryer immediately and hang, fold or otherwise put them away. Clothing that cannot be machine dried is more likely to attract lint; do your best to stop the process by air drying in a dust-free area of your home.


The method in which you store your pants can play a role in how much lint they attract. The most important factor to remember is to hang similar colors and fabrics together to keep your bottoms from attracting stray fibers. For example, store your dark pants at the opposite end of the closet from your cashmere sweaters. If you dry clean your dress pants, keep the garments in the plastic until the next wear to minimize the chances of lint sticking to material.


The unfortunate truth is that although you put forth your best effort to keep your pants from attracting lint, you're still going to see tiny specks of dust, pet hair and other forms of lint from time to time. Stash a mini lint roller in your purse or place a roll of packing or masking tape in your desk drawer. Zap the fuzzies as soon as you notice them to keep your look as fresh and lint-free as possible.

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