How to Keep Nail Designs Classy

Stay classy when painting your nails.

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When it comes to nail designs, there's a clear difference between classy and trashy. If you want to turn heads with elegant-looking nails, keep them a reasonable length -- avoid super-long talons -- and decorate them with sophisticated accents and patterns. Choose designs with timeless appeal and colors that never go out of style.


Treat your nails to a classic French manicure. Paint the nails with either a sheer or creamy light pink color to start the design. Allow the polish to dry thoroughly. Paint the tips of the nails with white polish to finish the traditional look.


Enhance your nails with a twist on a timeless manicure style, which looks classy and edgy at the same time. Create a French manicure, but use unexpected color combinations, such as dark blue nails with silver tips, instead of pink and white.


Deck your nails out in dark polish, such as black, midnight blue or burgundy, for a glamorous look ideal for classy nighttime events. Trim your nails to just above your fingertips before painting, as dark polish looks best on shorter lengths. Go over the dark color with a coat of shimmery polish if you want to add a bit of sparkle.


Stay classy with neutral-hued nail colors, which always look luxe. Paint your nails with a creamy taupe or greige -- a combination of gray and beige -- color. Choose a light mauve or barely-there pink polish, which complements any skin tone, if you prefer a rosier look.

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1.Nail polish in various colors


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