How to Keep Lint and Fur off Black Clothes

Keep your black pants fuzz free and gorgeous.

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Black is basic and definitely something any girl needs in her wardrobe. Trouble is, it's hard to look classy or sexy when you're rocking killer cigarette pants or a little black dress covered with cat fur. Remove the lint and fur from your look if you really want to make a splash in your best outfit. You wouldn't want to look sloppy when the situation calls for chic, right? Taking care of your clothes should be on any fashionista's to-do list, so do it, cross it off and look beyond hot when you're done.


Toss a lint catcher into your dryer when you're finishing your laundry. It'll catch all those nasties that make your black clothes look dirty even when they're clean. Clean the lint catcher, too.


Fluffing and folding is super important, but if you're the kind of girl who dumps her black laundry on the bed or even on a table used for other folding, you're guaranteed to pick up lint and fur. Even the most strict pet-mom has a few stray pieces of fur floating around on her quilt and any lint that your "really, it was a present" sweater dropped on the folding table is gonna be more than happy to cling to your black clothes. So wipe off the table and prepare your laundry to be put away on a nice, clean surface.


Bring your clothes directly from the folding table to the closet -- no passing go, no collecting 200 pieces of lint. Keep the door on your closet closed at all times and put your absolute best black pieces, like the sexy dress, the special occasion pants and the eyelet skirt, into dry cleaning bags. The plastic will keep out fur and lint better than just shutting the door. Not stopping on the way to the closet means that clothes won't get way furry when you set them down for a second -- and your cat hops up to investigate the soft, warm pile of black clothing.


Keep your home clean -- seriously. Lint and fur accumulate when you let vacuuming go for a week or four because you just don't have the time. Before you know it, your carpet looks more like a shag rug than a short pile and you can't grab your morning coffee without two pounds of Fido on your pants. Vacuum quickly every other day and wipe down all the surfaces in your home. You'll be giving your environment way less ammo with which to attack your look.


Grab a portable lint-remover sticky brush and throw it in your purse. It won't add much weight to what you're hauling, but it'll let you remove any stray hairs and lint from your outfit quickly before you enter a room. You can control your home, but not the whole world, so be prepared for the little incidents -- like a friend's dog jumping up to say hello -- before you leave the house.

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