How to Keep Linen Pants From Wrinkling

Don't let this happen to your lovely linen pants.

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Linen pants are breezy, stylish and the epitome of laid-back fashion. However, they are also prone to wrinkling. The light, textured fabric practically begs for creases and seams to work their way into the clothes, making them look sloppy and messy -- the total opposite of what every fashionable fashionista aims for. Although you can't totally prevent your linen pants from wrinkling, you can reduce the severity of the wrinkles with a little iron action.


Wash and wait. Wash your linen pants as directed by its label -- many require hand washing. Allow the pants to dry to a damp stage. Either spread your pants out on a towel, hang them up with clothespins on a line or place them in your dryer on the low setting to help them get to this point. Halt the drying process when your pants are all but dry.


Press your pants. Ironing your pants when they are still damp is the key to stopping an onslaught of wrinkles. Place your steam iron on the cotton/linen setting and iron your pants as you typically would, taking care never to let the dryer sit for more than two or three seconds in one spot, as burning can occur.


Store your slacks. If you don't intend on wearing your newly-pressed linen pants immediately, hang them to prevent unsightly wrinkles. Use pants hangers -- you know, those hangers with the clips -- to prevent that annoying crease you get when folding your pants and draping them over a regular hanger. Give the pants their space in your closet, to prevent them from becoming wrinkled from snuggling up against the other closet inhabitants.

Things You'll Need


1.Steam iron

2.Pants hanger


Tips & Tricks


Wash your linen pants in detergent designed for delicate clothes to keep your linen pants looking their best and lasting as long as possible.


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