How to Keep Jeans From Wrinkling

Hanging your jeans outside to dry can reduce wrinkling -- and help you avoid ironing.

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Denim may not be as thin as linen or silk -- but that doesn’t mean it won't wrinkle. If you ball up your jeans as soon as you take them out of the dryer, you’re going to get wrinkles that will make you look like you've just pulled yourself from a laundry basket. To keep your jeans from wrinkling, you can take a few steps -- even before you dry them.

Before You Dry

If you do dry your denim -- some people don’t since it can make your jeans a little too tight -- don’t just ball them up and throw them in the dryer. Instead, shake them out a little while they're still wet. This helps prevent them from drying in compressed ball, which makes your jeans more likely to wrinkle. While it’s tempting to cram in a bunch of clothes, don’t fill your dryer too full because your jeans will take longer to dry, resulting in more wrinkles. Drying your jeans on a permanent press cycle with an automatic cool-down before spinning can help prevent wrinkles.

If You Skip the Iron

You don’t have to be a slave to your iron to keep your jeans from wrinkling. Instead, you can hang your jeans up the minute they come out of the dryer. Use a hanger especially designed for pants, which means you’ll fold your jeans in half -- then place them over the hanger to keep them wrinkle-free. Also, don’t hang your jeans too close to other clothes. When you mash clothes together in the closet, they're more likely to wrinkle.

Hanging From a Hook

Another option is to hang your dry jeans on a hook -- like a coat hook. When you do this, they won't develop creases from folding. And as an added bonus, because the legs are hanging loose instead of being folded, the fabric won't tighten -- and your jeans should fit like a charm when you put them on.

If They Do Wrinkle

If you didn’t follow the wrinkle rule for your jeans and bundled them anyway, there’s a few ways you can get the wrinkles out. The first is ironing them. Applying heat to your denim can release the wrinkles. The best way to protect your denim while you iron is to turn them inside out so you won’t damage the color and fibers. You may need to iron on a high heat setting -- and run the iron over your jeans several times. You can also use a steamer on your jeans. Simply fill the steamer with water, wait until it heats -- and then move it along the wrinkles until they disappear. Another option is a wrinkle release spray, which is handy if you notice a wrinkle even when you're wearing your jeans. Spray it onto the denim, and then smooth the area or pull on your jeans to remove the wrinkles.

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