How to Keep a Jean Waistband From Rolling Down

The right fit from the beginning can mean a lot less adjusting later on.

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No matter what size you are, no one wants to be the one to display the dreaded "muffin top" atop their jeans. Whether you have a little extra in the middle, you have a short waist, or you have any other body type, it can be really annoying to constantly have to adjust your jeans when they're constantly rolling down. While nothing can take the place of having just the right fit for your jeans before you leave the store, you do have some options for keeping your jeans up where they should be.


Wear a shape slimmer. If your jeans are rolling down, there's a good chance they're doing that because something is pushing them down. If you have a little extra in the middle, keep it pulled in a bit more by using an undergarment meant to pull in the extra flab. TLC's Stacey London recommends using the slimmer from Flexees, though you'll find many brands of slimming undergarments at various retail and online stores.


Add a belt. While this may seem like a no-brainer that you may already be doing, look at the type of belt that you're using. A slim belt may complement your outfit, but it may not do enough to prevent the roll-down effect. Experiment with belts of various thicknesses to see what works.


Wear longer shirts and tunics. While this will not specifically solve the problem of keeping your jeans from rolling down, it may help to reduce the embarrassment of showing off the muffin top -- or worse -- your backside.

Things You'll Need


1.Shape slimmer

3.Tunic shirt



Tips & Tricks


When you go jeans shopping, try not to get too wrapped up in the size number on the tag. If you're dealing with a muffin top scenario, the Sheplers Blog recommends going up a size; the key here is not to worry about labels, but to focus instead on getting the best fit.


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