How to Keep Your Hair From Frizzing After Straightening It

Kim Kardashian knows how to keep her hair smooth after straightening it.

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There's nothing worse than straightening your hair to perfection only to have it turn into frizzmania a half-hour later. A hair straightener can get you glorious, stick straight locks, but your style isn't going to last -- especially if you're a thick- or curly haired gal -- if you don't use the right styling techniques after straightening.


Brush your hair with a natural bristle paddle brush. The natural bristles move over the hair shafts smoothly and gently, keeping hair frizz-free and shiny. Whether you're styling your hair after straightening it or you just want your hair to be smooth and lovely, use the right type of brush to avoid frizz.


Rub a dollop of shine serum in between your palms and smooth your hands down the length of your hair. Focus on the ends and spread the serum evenly over all of your hair. This creates a protective barrier on your hair and helps prevent frizz.


Apply a bit of hair wax or pomade over the top of your hair after straightening. These products create a smooth coating on the hair and keep it frizz-free without making your locks look limp or greasy. Just don't use too much of this stuff; waxes and pomades make hair stiffer than do serums and similar products, so you only need a little bit.


Spritz your hair with a bit of hair spray. Don't use a beauty-pageant-amount of the stuff, just a light spray over the roots and a couple down the length of your hair on each side to keep your tresses in place and to prevent frizz. A professional anti-humidity hair spray works best for this.

Things You'll Need


1.Natural bristle hair brush

3.Hair wax or pomade

2.Shine serum

4.Hair spray


Tips & Tricks


If you're away from home or just don't have your regular hair products around, use a bit of regular hand or body lotion to keep your hair smooth. These products have more oils than regular hair products, so use only a tiny bit to avoid a greasy 'do.

To help prevent your pretty hair from frizzing after straightening, use the right products before you straighten, too. Opt for a gentle, cream-based, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Using a deep-conditioning treatment on hair at least once per week. This nourishes the hair follicles, making them less prone to frizzing.


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