How to Keep Hair Color From Grabbing the Ends of Hair


Smoky, ashy, blackened and dark tips can put a damper on an otherwise magical, fashionable evening. And, no, these descriptions aren't for the steak that you've had to send back twice. They're for your hair. It's gorgeous, really. The beautiful color catches the eye and draws it along the length of your hair all the way down to the --- Uh Oh! What happened? It looks like your ends have a case of the grabs. They've latched and grabbed onto the color, leaving you with darkened ends. You could have prevented this by applying the color differently. So let's learn and not make that mistake again!


Spray clean dry hair with a color filler spritz or spray, a leave-in conditioner that goes on before you color to help prevent grabbing. Douse those dry ends good and anywhere else the hair feels rough, dry or damaged.


Mix equal parts color and color developer in the color bottle. Put on the lid, and shake the bottle to mix.


Apply color to the regrowth area only. Do not overlap color over previous color applications. Use small, 1/2-inch partings to make sure that you're getting that color on evenly. Set the timer for 20 minutes.


Leave the color in the color bottle during processing. Do not mix up new color. Color loses strength as it sits, and you want that color to lose some strength before you put it on your ends.


Massage color through to the ends. Apply more color as necessary until you saturate all of your hair. Set the timer for 10 minutes.


Rinse, shampoo, condition and dry as usual.

Things You'll Need


1.Color filler spray

3.Hair color developer


2.Hair color (desired shade)

4.Color bottle



Tips & Tricks


Use 10-volume color developer to deposit color on normal hair. For 30 percent or more gray hair, use 20-volume color developer.

Never apply color from roots to ends unless you have never colored your hair before. Applying color repeatedly over previous dye jobs results in unnecessary damage and grabbing.


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