How to Keep Your Finger From Turning Black Around Real Gold Rings

Don't give up your gold because it leaves black rings on your fingers.

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Is that a black ring around your finger? Doesn't that only happen when you wear fake rings? No. The truth is that while metal alloys in costume gold jewelry do have the tendency to cause skin discoloration, green is usually the result. If you are a diva that only wears real gold bling, how do you prevent your fingers from turning black? Your girlfriends will think you wear fake jewelry! Products that you use every day may be the reason that tiny gold particles, which take on a black appearance, are rubbing off on your skin.


Opt for cheaper gold rings. Yes, this may sound odd, but the purer the gold -- 24-karat gold being the purest -- the more likely you are to experience discoloration problems. The cheaper the gold (10, 14 or 18 karat), the more alloys it contains, which makes it stronger and less likely for gold particles to rub off on your finger. Less gold means less of a chance you have of looking like you're not the real deal.


Switch your hand lotion. Scientists suspect that it is a reaction between the gold and lotion residues that may cause the black skin discoloration. If after switching your hand lotion the problem persists, avoid using hand lotion while you wear the gold rings. Lotion up at night before you go to bed instead. Make sense?


Change your soap. If switching lotions doesn't solve the problem, take a closer look at your soap. If your soap contains any abrasives, such as carbon, it may be the problem. Abrasives cause some of the gold to separate from the ring, causing discoloration. Natural soaps that do not contain carbon may be your solution.

Things You'll Need


1.Hand lotions

2.Carbon-free soap


Tips & Tricks


The technical name for this situation is "black dermographism." Women tend to experience the phenomenon more than men. The black discoloration is not a change in skin color. It is a layer of microscopic gold dust that has worn away from the gold ring and deposited on your fingers. The gold dust does not stain and usually just washes away. Whew!

Keep in mind that black and green are usually two different reactions. Although you can experience black discoloration on your fingers with cheap gold jewelry, green usually denotes that what you thought was gold is actually copper or brass with a gold plating. Get it?


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