How to Keep My Feet Clean & Dry

Keep your feet clean and dry so they look and smell pretty.

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When it comes to your feet, they definitely bear the burden of your days. Sure you might have a shoe collection that most women only dream about; but after a day of carrying the weight of your body, those shoes are more like a nightmare than a dream to your feet. Whether it's because of your desire to have the prettiest feet in town or a health condition such as diabetes, you've got to give your feet the attention that they deserve. To do that you'll need to keep them as clean and dry as possible.


Wash your feet with warm water and a mild cleanser twice a day. Use a wash cloth to really clean the top and the bottom of your feet thoroughly. Don't forget to get between those toes while you're at it.


Use a soft clean towel to dry your feet completely. Don't zip through the drying process, no matter how late you are in getting your day started. Take your time and and be sure to blot all the excess water completely from your feet. Pay close attention to dry between your toes where moisture can settle -- nasty fungal infections love that sort of environment, so you'll want to make it as inhospitable to that potential problem as you can.


Sprinkle a light dusting of a foot talc or cornstarch on your feet. This will help to keep them dry when they're tucked away in your shoes for the day.


Always wear socks when you put on your athletic shoes or any shoes that naturally require socks (no, not your heels, but do wear pantyhose with those). Socks can help to wick away moisture and keep your feet drier. Don't wear socks or other hosiery that's too tight and change them when needed, especially if it feels like your feet are sweating excessively.


Wear shoes that are made of breathable, natural materials. Avoid synthetic shoes that won't allow your feet to breath and will encourage sweating inside your shoes. Natural materials will do the opposite of those synthetic ones, and will help to keep sweating of the feet down.

Things You'll Need


1.Mild cleanser



2.Wash cloth

4.Talc or cornstarch


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