How to Keep My Colored Hair Auburn Bright

Keep your auburn hair color bright with some TLC.

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So you went and got yourself the perfect shade of sexy auburn and now you'll do anything to protect that superb shade from fading away. You've got every right to be worried, honey. Red hair pigment, thanks to its tiny size, is famous for slipping out of hair prematurely and leaving women everywhere brokenhearted. The good news is, there are products you can use to make your relationship with auburn a more long-term commitment.


Get a color refresher shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your shade of auburn. Your stylist can whip up a custom-blended set of shampoo and conditioner that contains a small amount of your color formula and delivers a boost of your specific shade each time you use them.


Condition your hair regularly. Dry hair means an open and damaged outer layer. Hair with an open cuticle means even more red color pigment can slip out each time you shampoo your hair. By using a good-quality conditioner every time you shampoo and fortifying your hair with a deep conditioner at least once a month, you keep that cuticle closed and your auburn color longer.


Limit your exposure to the sun. Sunlight may make your skin darker, but it does the exact opposite to your hair color. By wearing a hat whenever you're out in the sun, you block those harmful UV rays and keep them from robbing you of your auburn hue.


Speaking of keeping nasty stuff away from your beautiful hair color, you need to wrap up that hair when you dip into chlorinated pool water or your might as well kiss your auburn color goodbye. Chlorine bleaches out hair color, and regular exposure to chlorine can dry out your hair and make it more porous (read open cuticle that lets color sneak out). Wear a bathing cap whenever possible to keep chlorine completely out of your hair. If you can't bear to wear one, drench your hair in non-chlorinated water first so your locks are full of water and won't soak up the chlorinated stuff. When you're done swimming immediately rinse your hair to flush out any chlorine that made its way onto your hair.

Things You'll Need


1.Color-refresher shampoo

3.Deep conditioner

5.Swim cap


4.Sun hat


Tips & Tricks


Use the color-refresher shampoo once or twice a week to freshen up your auburn color.

If possible, only shampoo your hair once every second day. The less you shampoo the less the red pigment will fade.

Excessive use of heated styling tools can dry out your hair and lead to premature fading of your color. Use a thermal protecting spray before you flat iron or use a curling iron to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.


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