How to Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh After Washing

Hang onto that clean, just-washed smell for longer.

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You just feel better when your clothes smell fresh, and you might even give off an extra smile as you do your thing. Over time, clothes can smell musty, rank or downright foul, especially if they're stuffed in the bottom of a drawer. With just a few small changes to your routine, you can get your clothes to hold onto that "just washed" smell a bit longer, so you can go the extra mile in your wardrobe without breaking the laundry budget.


Spritz your nice clothes with linen spray right before you iron them. The water in the linen spray can help get out wrinkles, just like steam, and the fresh smell remains once the item's ironed, hung up and ready to wear. Extra tip: You can spray just about anything with linen spray, so don't conserve it for just sheets and towels. You can also spray clothes with linen spray before you go out or before you store them, but ironing gives the scent sticking power.


Store something fragrant in your dresser drawers to keep your tee-shirts, undergarments and casual clothes fresh smelling. Try wrapped bars of scented soap or scented candles, or go with the old standby -- a sachet. You can even use dried citrus peels, like lemon or orange.


Air out clothes if you plan to store them in your closet or dresser after a wear. Simply leave them out on your drying rack or clothes rack overnight and many stinky odors evaporate, so your laundry stays fresh. Give it the sniff test before you fold; if it stills smells, put the garment in the laundry and not in your drawer, to keep your clothes fresh.


Use cedar blocks or chips instead of moth balls to repel moths. You get the same anti-bug action, but your clothes stay sweet-smelling.

Things You'll Need


1.Linen spray

2.Scented soap, scented candles or sachet


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