How to Keep Bra Straps From Sliding

Don't ditch the straps -- you can keep them from slipping.

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Slipping bra straps can kill your mood. No sooner do you yank them back into place then they decide to go traveling again. The constant hitching and tugging can cause a major distraction -- not to mention call attention to the fact that your undergarment gives poor performance. Often, narrow or sloped-shoulder gals have a problem supporting the straps; but, no matter the root cause of your bra's strap slippage, a solution is in sight to help you slay your sliding bra straps forever. Get to it!


Tighten up your bra straps. It's possible that they have loosened up through regular wear and tear. Adjust them so they fit snugly on your shoulders but not so tight that they dig into your skin.


Reach around with your hands, and pull the back of your bra down so it's even with the front. If you let it stay in an upward position, your straps will be slack and slide down your shoulders.


Place a silicone bra-strap cushion underneath each strap. They're not bulky or noticeable, and they also take pressure off your shoulders -- an added plus.


Stick it to them! Adhere the straps to your skin with body glue or double-sided fashion tape. This is a temporary solution that you will have to redo each time you wear your bra, but it can save you from having to deal with the straps sliding down your arms.


Get a pal to pull your bra straps together in the middle of your back, and attach them with a safety pin. This is a quick fix that will work in a pinch.

Things You'll Need


1.Silicone bra-strap cushions

3.Fashion tape

2.Body glue

4.Safety pin


Tips & Tricks


Don a racerback or invisible bra-strap bra to lessen the chances of slipping.

If your bra straps have never fit the right way and tightening doesn't do anything, chances are you're in the wrong size bra. There could be a problem with the cups or band, or the straps could be too widely spaced. Get professionally fitted, pronto.


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