How to Keep Your Bra Straps From Digging Into Your Shoulders

Don't put up with a  poor-fitting bra.

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You know the feeling: the digging, cutting, bunching and twisting your bra straps do at the most inappropriate moments. It forces you to excuse yourself to the restroom to adjust your bra straps, but it stops now. Take charge and get that bra to fit correctly. Every girl's curves are different, so take a minute to make a few adjustments -- and avoid digging bra straps for once and for all!


Take off your shirt and stand in front of a mirror so you can see yourself in your bra. Look for dents, red marks or pinch marks on your shoulders. Slip the straps down over your shoulders so you can reach them easier.


Adjust the length of both straps using the plastic adjusters. Lengthen the straps so the bra band doesn't ride up your back or dent your skin. The bra band should sit evenly all the way around your torso and not rise up in the back.


Put the straps back on your shoulders. Move them toward or away from your neck until they sit vertically. Each strap should be perpendicular to the bra band just below your breasts. Straps that sit wide -- at the very edge of your shoulders -- hold too much breast weight and dig into your skin.

Tips & Tricks


Look down. Peek at the top of your breasts. Move up a cup size if your breasts bulge from the top of the bra. Sure, it might look sexy in lingerie, but asking a too-small bra to carry extra weight causes the straps to dig into your shoulders.

Adjusting your bra straps to the shortest length available will not cause your breasts to look larger. Opt for a supportive underwire, padded cup or special front closure to plump up your look.

Bra straps that twist -- and won't lay flat -- have been overstretched. Toss that bra and go shopping!


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