How to Keep Beads in the Top of Your Hair

Beads and braids are a natural fit.

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Braided locks aren't just for kids anymore. You'll love the light clacking sound your hair makes when you twirl, and shimmery glass or etched wooden beads set you apart from the crowd and help express your unique style. Use any bead you love in one of two stay-put methods, and enjoy your embellished hair. Bead up whether you've got dreads or braids, or if you rock a natural look, and wear your hair beads with sass and style!

String Method


Cut a long piece of embroidery floss --- about 1 to 1-1/2 times as long as your locks --- and double-knot one end around a thin section of hair. You don't have to wrap beads all the way down the length of your hair, but this way you've got enough string to totally customize your beading.


Push beads onto the string, then work them up until they're at the top of your head. The beauty of this method allows you to choose any size bead you want; since it's secured with the string, there's no too-big or too-small bead.


Secure the beads with a single knot if you plan on adding more. If you're done, double-knot it and cut the remaining string.


Braid the string into your hair to create a beaded braid. Add more beads after you've knotted the first cluster, or keep it sparse. The end result is totally up to you. Just double-knot at the end to keep your new look secure.


Go all out and add more beads to your hair just like this.

Hair Method


Take a small section of hair, like 1/4 inch, in your hand. Get a loop of beading wire and wrap it around the hair so they create a "T" shape. Forcing the beads onto the hair is like threading a needle with competing strands of thread, so the wire make it fuss-free.


String up beads onto the lower part of the beading wire, using as many as you want to fit on the strand. For this method, you'll have the most success if you choose beads with a hole close to the size of the section of hair. Of course, you can use a big hair bead, but you'll need a larger section of hair.


Pull down on the wire loop to force the beads up onto the hair. As you pull the wire down, the beads creep up, toward your selected hair. Keep pulling until you get the wire completely through the beads. Now the beads should dangle on your strand of hair, and the wire will be completely free.


Push the beads up to the top of your locks. If you've got dreads or braids, the beads might stay on their own, because of the texture of the hair. Otherwise, tie a baby hair elastic around your hair just below the beads to make a bead barrier.


Keep it up, adding more beads to your 'do.

Things You'll Need


1.Embroidery thread


5.Mini hair elastic


4.Bead wire


Tips & Tricks


Be gentle to your hair if you shower with the beads in, so you don't mess up the string or the elastic.


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