How to Keep the Back of Shoes From Cutting Into Heels

Make new shoes less of a pain.

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Fashion doesn't have to hurt. Ill-fitting, too-tight shoes may cut into the backs of your heels, making walking a real pain. If you couldn't resist the one-size-too-small super-cute shoes that were on sale, you may be able to stretch them to fit if they're constructed of leather, a natural material. For shoes made of a material other than leather, additional options are available.

Leather Shoes


Hit leather shoes with heat to stretch them out and decrease the chances of the heel cutting into your foot. Put on thick socks and slip your feet into the offending shoes. Turn your hairdryer to "high" and point it toward the heels to blast them with heat, which will allow the leather to stretch.


Walk around in the shoes as the leather cools down. Apply a moisturizing shoe cream to the heels of the shoes to keep them from drying out due to the heat.


Stuff your leather shoes if the heat trick didn't work -- and the heels are still digging into your feet. Wedge two small baby food jars or crumpled newspaper into the heels; allow the shoes to sit overnight so the leather can expand.


Insert a wooden shoe stretcher, which is what the professionals use, into the shoes as a last resort. Before placing the tool into the shoes, spritz the surfaces with a leather-stretching spray. Adjust the stretcher using the handle until the leather feels taut from toe to heel. Allow the stretcher to work its magic overnight.

Man-Made Material Shoes


Stop your heel pain from an uncomfortable pair of shoes made of synthetic materials with heel pads, which will prevent your heels from rubbing against the backs of the shoes. Choose heel pads that feature self-adhesive backing for convenience.


Peel the backing off the pads and press them onto the heels of the shoes to provide a soft, protective barrier between your feet and the irritating material.


Put your shoes on and walk around in them to ensure a comfortable fit. Readjust the heel pads if the shoes are still cutting into the backs of your feet.

Things You'll Need


1.Thick socks

3.Leather shoe cream

5.Leather-stretching spray

7.Self-adhesive heel pads

2.Blow dryer

4.Two small baby food jars or newspaper

6.Wooden shoe stretcher


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