How to Keep the Back Hairless

Removing back hair may increase your self confidence in that backless dress.

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Sporting backless dresses and shirts requires you to have confidence that your back looks soft, smooth and free of unwanted body hair. Once the temperatures start climbing and you shed your winter clothes, you’ll need to go back to your summer hair removal routine to keep your back looking sexy. There are several hair removal options that you can perform at home or get done in a salon or spa. Sure, it's inconvenient, but getting rid of unsightly hair is a beauty task you can't afford to turn your back on!


If you don’t want to fuss with having to remove hair regrowth on your back every few days, waxing might be the answer. You can use either a hot or cold wax kit at home, but unless your arms are elastic, you might find it difficult to apply and remove the waxing strips. If you decide to wax your back at home, you'll need help from someone who isn't squeamish about the task. Going to a salon or spa for waxing may cost more, but could save you time and pain in the long run.

Chemical Depilatories

Instead of removing hair by the root, depilatories remove only the visible portion of the hair shaft. This gives you a few days of smooth skin, depending on how fast your hair grows back. Depilatories need to stay on your skin for a few minutes, so the chemicals can dissolve your body hair. One of the major drawbacks to using depilatories is the unpleasant smell, so light some aromatherapy candles and crack a window.


The quickest and least painful way to remove back hair is using a razor to shave it off. This works perfectly if you received an impromptu invitation and have a short window of time to get ready to go out. Hair typically grows back faster after shaving versus waxing or using a depilatory. You’ll need to shave your back every one to two days to eliminate visible body hair. Use care while wielding your razor, rushing may make you nick yourself and cause embarrassment when your best friend asks how you managed to cut your back. Again, you may need a helping hand to execute this task properly and safely. Use a gentle shaving lotion to reduce skin irritation.


Any of these hair removal methods increases the chances of developing ingrown hairs as regrowth surfaces. Having red bumps on your back might make you think twice before throwing on that cute backless top. Gently exfoliate your back with a mitt or loofah to prevent ingrown hairs. If waxing your back, make sure you do it a few days before you plan to debut that sexy black cocktail dress. This will give your skin time to heal from the irritation caused by ripping hair out by the root.

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