Are Juicy Couture Clothes Tags Pink or Gold?

Juicy Couture has added sultry perfume to its product line.

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Fashion-fanatic friends Pamela Skaist-Levy, a film stylist and hat maker, and Gela Nash Taylor, actress and wife of John Taylor of Duran-Duran, founded Juicy Couture in Los Angeles in 1994. After starting out with the brand's iconic designer track suits, Juicy went on to create a range of hot upscale apparel, accessories and jewelry for women, girls and even babies. Liz Claiborne took over the company in 2003, and it has continued to evolve its casual yet luxurious style. The distinct Juicy Couture logo appears on tags inside the clothes and on attached price tags along with messages like "Choose Juicy."


Juicy's royal-looking logo depicts two Scotty dogs holding a crest with a crown floating over it. The crest generally has three hearts and says "Love P&G," for Pamela and Gela, but on some items it's changed up a bit with different graphics and letters. The words "Juicy Couture" grace a stylized banner below the crest. On clothing tags, "Made in the glamorous U.S.A." is printed beneath the banner.

Tag and Label Colors

Many Juicy tags, both inside the clothes and those you cut off after purchase, have a pink background with green, brown, gold or black graphics, or a mix of black and gold. Of course, a trendsetter as wide-ranging as Juicy changes up its look among garment lines and types of accessories, and this includes the look of the logo and tags. You'll also find gold tags with pink writing, and gold with touches of white using black print. Up until about 2006, Juicy color-coded its clothing sizes with different-colored tags, but that is no longer the case at the time of publication.

Decorative Tags

Juicy has an ever-evolving line of hot handbags, and many feature distinctive metal bling, including funky chains with attached tags. The decorative handbag tags come in solid silver- or gold-colored metal, depending on each bag's hardware, and are round, heart-shaped or shaped like little birds. An engraved "Juicy" or "Juicy Couture" appears on the tags, and some of the chains detach so the Juicy bling can double as a key ring.

Avoiding Counterfeits

Fashion-forward gals keep demand for Juicy high, and the brand's exclusiveness is a big part of its appeal. Along with other pricey upscale designer brands, Juicy suffers from sale of counterfeits and knockoffs. Juicy Couture changes up its tag colors and designs periodically. Most Juicy tags use pink and/or gold, but not all, so color isn't the best way to check for Juicy authenticity. Instead, keep up with current info about how to spot fakes published in fashion mags and on auction sites such as eBay. The quality of stitching and the letter style used on the tags often prove a good indicator when you want to check if a Juicy item is the real deal.

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