Jojoba Oil on Face at Night for Acne

Jojoba oil may help your skin balance its oil production.

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Seeing pimples every time you look in the mirror can bring you down. You might be willing to try almost anything to get a dewy, clear complexion, but adding oil to oily skin just seems wrong. If you choose the right type of oil, however, it can actually be your path to clearer, healthier skin. Jojoba oil has properties that can help moisturize and potentially balance out your own oil production – resulting in fewer breakouts. Skin experts theorize that jojoba oil may be an effective night treatment for acne-prone skin.

What is Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil comes from a shrub that grows in southern Arizona and California and northwestern Mexico. Its use can be traced back centuries to when Native Americans applied jojoba oil to heal sores and wounds. Technically, it is not an oil, but a wax ester which has different chemical properties than oils. The wax ester is found inside the seeds of the plant. You can purchase pure jojoba oil for use on your acne in natural beauty supply stores and some health food markets.

Benefits for Acne

The December 2008 issue of the “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” published a study confirming that jojoba esters, when combined with glycerol, can keep your skin moist for at least 24 hours. Even if you are acne-prone, your skin needs moisture to stay healthy, especially if you use drying acne treatments. You might shy away from commercial moisturizers for fear of adding to your oil slick. The potential benefit of jojoba oil is that its chemical structure is very close to that of your own skin. Using jojoba oil may trick your skin into thinking that it has produced enough of its own oil, so your over-active glands may slow down. If you stop over-producing oil, you may suffer from fewer breakouts.


Applying jojoba oil at night allows you to use as much as you like without creating a super shiny face. If you use jojoba during the day, stick to just six drops in one application. At night, you can be more generous – especially if you have flaky skin due to acne treatments. Try as much as 10 drops of the pure essential oil applied all over your face with your fingertips or a cotton ball.


Jojoba oil will not clog pores, says, and has a mild, inoffensive odor. Jojoba oil has a long shelf-life and is not greatly affected by temperature extremes so you do not have to be cautious with storage. Although it is not a scientifically proven acne treatment, it is not harmful or harsh on your skin and all-natural, so you can try it without worry of adverse reactions.

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