Jojoba Oil for Acne Scars

Jojoba oil treats acne breakouts and scarring without damaging the skin.

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As if acne itself isn't enough, it leaves behind deeply scarred tissue. Skin types prone to acne are usually very sensitive, and harsh scar treatments may cause more harm than good. These products may clog the pores, causing further breakouts and starting the vicious acne cycle all over again. Jojoba oil is a natural scar treatment, weakening the tough tissue and reducing the scar's intensity.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba plant but it's not actually an oil. The natural liquid from the plant is a gold, wax-like substance containing fatty acids, and vitamins E and B. These fatty acids include several types of hydroxy acids, which are commonly used for treating acne. Your skin produces an oil known as sebum. Jojoba oil is a light oil, similar to sebum, and is absorbed quickly by the skin. As jojoba oil is absorbed by your skin, vitamin E softens and conditions acne scars from the inside out. It also increases blood flow to the cells and glands, which speeds up your skin's natural cell production. In layman's terms, once the tough scar tissue is softened, it is more accepting of the new cells that are constantly produced.

Acne Scarring

Pimples, swelling and redness will fade, but the scars that are left behind can last a lifetime if they are not taken care of immediately. Acne scars are caused by tissue damage from bacteria and inflammation. When the body becomes aware of this damage, the immune system's natural defense begins repairing the damage, resulting in scars. The longer acne scars are present, the tougher the skin becomes and the less likely that the scarring will respond to treatment. Jojoba oil does have a softening effect on older scars, but the change isn't as dramatic as it would have been if you had started the treatment sooner. Jojoba oil can stop acne scars in their tracks if it is used before the scarring is set.

Reducing Acne Scars

Jojoba oil won't leave your skin greasy or dry, like other treatment methods, unless you are piling on the oil several times a day. As a good rule of thumb, stick to a twice a day, everyday routine. Massage a generous amount of jojoba oil into any acne scars for 10 minutes. Your face should be makeup and product free; washing with a mild soap before applying jojoba oil is best. And don't forget to wash your hands, too. Massaging it into your skin with dirty fingers adds dirt and bacteria to your skin, increasing the chance of further breakouts.

Acne Scar Prevention

According to Skincare News, jojoba oil benefits both acne and acne scars. Acne scars can be avoided altogether by treating and preventing acne. Jojoba oil kills bacteria and unclogs the pores to stop future breakouts and prevent current breakouts from worsening. The more inflamed acne is, the worse scarring will be. Jojoba oil moisturizes, conditions and softens the skin while regulating the pH balance to reduce the chances that acne will leave behind scarring. After washing your face with a mild soap, massage a little jojoba oil into your skin before bed each night.

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