Jeans That Lift Your Buttocks

Embellished jeans can round out and lift your buttocks.

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Admit it: When your significant other or crush is wearing jeans, the buttocks are the first place you check out, right? Girls who aren't exactly what you call curvy or voluptuous sometimes have trouble filling out the denim in the back and need a little lift. With hundreds of styles of jeans on the market, you're bound to find a few with a good butt lift. Now it's your turn to be checked out.


Low-rise might be all the rage, but if you want to lift your buttocks, low isn't always your best choice, according to "Seventeen" magazine's fashion experts. A higher rise actually lifts your butt more than low-rise styles. Low-rise jeans visually cut your backside in half, whereas a higher waisted pair accentuates your natural curves all around.


Choose jeans that are embellished in the back to help your bum look more rounded and well, there. "Harper's Bazaar" fashionistas suggest that the details absolutely make the look for those with boyish figures. Flap pockets, embroidery, bling are great examples of a little decorative help that both draws the eye to the targeted area and gives the illusion of fullness and softness where you normally fall flat. Use color to your advantage as well to help your buttocks fill out the pants. Opt for a dark pair of jeans if your backside is not only flat but small; try a pair strategically faded right under each cheek to give a visual lift as well.


Go for a cut that's going to flatter your body type and give your backside a much-needed lift. If you have the legs for it, skinny jeans are your number. The denim, along with a good stretchy material -- Lycra and spandex are a couple that are routinely used to lend jeans some give -- cling to your body instead of encasing your legs more loosely. The closely worn look and the fabrics used give your buttocks support as well as some visual help. If you aren't able to wear true skinnies, try the fitness jean. Similar to skinny jeans, fitness jeans are a little more clingy in the butt, allowing you to move freely without the bulk of a traditional pair of denim. This style does great things for your backside and is comfy, too.


Buy jeans that fit, bottom line. Your buttocks are not the only part of the anatomy to consider when finding the right jeans. You might think squeezing yourself into a smaller size will lift your assets, but that's not worth a whole lot if you can't sit down all day. Clothes that fit you well will accentuate your natural beauty, no matter what your tush looks like.

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