What Jeans Do You Buy to Wear Inside Boots?

Finding the right jeans to tuck into your boots is easier than you think.

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While every trendsetter who you can think of easily pulls a pair of boots over her jeans without the slightest bunch or bulge, perfecting this look has escaped you for years. You’ve tried tucking your jeans into your socks before tucking them into your boots and even using tape or rubberbands to keep your jeans in place, however no matter what you do you always end up with bulging boots and trapped ankles. Instead of trying to make your jeans fit your boots, why not buy some don't require jean origami to get them to behave?

A Quick Guide to Tucking

The key to achieving a smooth tuck is to cut down on the amount of fabric that leads to bulky folds inside and spilling over the tops of your boots. One way to keep the extra fabric in place is to grab it either at the side seam or back of the calf and wrap it around your leg. Then pull on a sock to keep the fold in place when you pull on your boot. Or skip the tucking hassle and go on a shopping trip for jeans that are more narrow at the calf and ankle, cutting out the excess fabric altogether.

Straight-leg and Skinny Jeans

When out shopping for the ideal jeans to tuck, look for straight-leg or skinny styles that are closely fitted. Straight-leg jeans are perfect for girls who fear the ultra tight fit, and name, of the skinny jean, since straight-leg styles tend to be a bit more relaxed. For those who know that skinny jeans are nothing to fear, this style is the most painless to wear with boots, since it tapers to the ankle and usually fits like a glove from top to bottom. Depending on how snugly your straight-leg or skinny jeans fit, you may have to do a little folding before pulling on your boots to keep everything as smooth as possible.

Cropped Jeans

If skinny jeans or straight-leg styles are not your idea of fun, a pair of cropped jeans or capris may be your next best bet. Cropped jeans that taper like skinny jeans and stop above the ankle are free from extra fabric, making tucking your jeans, and keeping them tucked, less of a struggle. Capri styles that are fitted and stop midcalf also lack the below-the-knee fabric that bunches up inside your boots, making them perfect to wear with boots that hug your calf and rise over your knee. No matter which cropped style you choose, be sure to avoid low-cut boots that will show off your tuck cheat.

What Not to Tuck

When it comes to keeping your jeans in place inside your boots, almost anything goes as long as your boots aren’t bursting at the seams from being overstuffed. To keep the dreaded overstuffed boot cankle -- so not a good look -- at bay, be sure to avoid wide-leg or flared jeans that cannot be folded into submission no matter how tightly you wrap them. While boot-cut jeans are cut to be worn with boots, they are meant to be worn over them not tucked inside. So leave the boot-cut jeans in the closet at all costs.

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