How to Iron an Accordion Pleat Skirt

Wrinkled accordion pleats can make you look sloppy.

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Pleated patterned skirts like kilts or knee-brushing midi lengths are a classic wardrobe staple that flows well in the office and on the weekend. Accordion pleated skirts feature crisp pleats that are heat-set into the skirt. This means the pleats stay automatically crisp and sharp, but it also poses ironing challenges. A wrinkled pleated skirt makes you look super frumpy, so definitely hit the refresh on those pleats when that happens.


Check your garment's care label. You'll want to take wool and other natural-fiber accordion pleat skirts to the dry cleaner. Skirts made from synthetic material can be ironed at home using steam.


Set up your ironing board. Fill your iron with water and plug the iron in to heat it up. Adjust the heat setting to synthetic fibers, using whatever the right setting is on your iron.


Paper-clip those pleats down while you wait. Slip a paper clip over the fold to secure the crease. Load three clips on, then wait. As you iron the skirt, you'll move the paper clips to new pleats.


Bring the iron to the top of your pleats. Depress the steam button to burst steam and dewrinkle the skirt. Don't move or drag the iron over the skirt because that can pucker your pleats. Once you've steamed that area, pick up the iron and move it down the skirt, working from the waist to the bottom edge of the skirt. Steam an area, then pick up the iron.


Set the iron down to rest once you worked over the pleats. Move the clips over to new pleats. Iron those pleats using your steam technique. Work your way around the whole skirt like this.

Things You'll Need


1.Ironing board

3.Paper clips

2.Iron with steam setting


Tips & Tricks


If your mind wanders, you could get confused about where you started. Use a colored paper clip, clothespin or other marker for the first pleat so you know when to stop.


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