Instructions on Braiding & Twisting Hair

Learn to braid and twist your hair to achieve a myriad of styles.

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Women enjoy playing around with their hair and styling it different ways. While you may randomly twist your hair while daydreaming about your favorite actor, you can actually use twists and braids to style your locks. Braids and twists work on almost all lengths of hair, and each can be used as a style on its own or incorporated into another of your favorite styles.



Brush through your hair to get rid of any tangles. You want your hair as straight and smooth as possible before braiding, to achieve a soft, polished style, so tackle that mane girl.


Divide your hair into three separate, even sections. You don't have to worry about getting the tape measure out, there's no need for perfection here. Just try to get them as evenly sized as you can. These are the different pieces you are going to use to create your braid, which should be positioned at the center back of your head, near the nape of your neck.


Move the left piece across the center and over to the right, and move the right piece over the center and to the left for the basic braiding pattern. Continue in this pattern down the length of your hair until you reach the ends. It's up to you where you end the braid; higher up with more hair loose at the ends for a more casual style or further down with less hair loose at the ends for a sleeker, more polished braid.



Brush through your hair, removing any knots or tangles before you start. Your twists are only going to look sloppy if your hair isn't smooth.


Starting on the left side of your head just above your left ear, grab a section of hair about 1-inch wide. Begin twisting the hair in this section to the right, starting right at the hairline and continuing the twisting motion down the length of the hair. Keep the width of the section the same as you make your way down your hair for the most polished twist.


Once you only have an inch or two left at the ends, you can either braid the hair or leave it loose and use a hair tie to secure the ends. Repeat to create twists out of the rest of your hair as well, and then spray hairspray over your hair to set the style and help keep the twists in place.

Things You'll Need




2.Hair ties


Tips & Tricks


For a distinctive take on the basic braid, you can try the fishtail braid. Divide your hair into two instead of three even sections, and pull a small piece from the left side into the right side, a small piece from the right side into the left side, and repeat until you have braided down the length of the hair. Secure with a hair tie.

You can position the braid either on the left or right side of your head rather than back center if you want more of a side braid.

Try braiding small sections around your head rather than pulling all of your hair into one large braid, for a hippie-chic style.


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