How to Improve Dry and Brittle Hair

Don't give up on dry, brittle hair.

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When you're hair isn't right, it always seems like you aren't either. It doesn't matter how fabulous your outfit is, how stylish your accessories or how sick your shoe game may be. Dry and brittle hair takes away your confidence and makes it feel as if all eyes are on your sickly strands. The good news is that hair is never beyond saving. No matter how much it is snapping off because it is dry and brittle, don't despair: start taking action today to improve it and bring it back to lustrous life.


Apply a deep conditioner at least once a week; proper conditioning nourishes your locks and replenishes moisture lost due to overstyling, product build-up and general lack of care. Double up on protection by using a leave-in conditioner each time you wet your hair.


Trim hair every four to six weeks. This removes the old, dry damaged hair and encourages new, healthier hair to grow in. Chop off the entire damaged portion of your hair and start all over if you are feeling really renegade -- or, to retain some length, trim off that damaged hair a little bit at a time until the process is complete.


Refrain from overstyling your hair, which makes it extra brittle. Go longer periods of time between perms or embrace your natural locks and lose them altogether; their chemicals strip your hair of all its vitamins and minerals, leaving it looking good for a time, but slowly dying until it ends up a dry and brittle mess.


Stop heat styling every day. Daily heat applications make your hair both dry and brittle. Ease up on the flat irons, blow-dryers and curling irons. Find other ways to achieve similar results: wrap your hair into a beehive style at night to get straight locks the next morning, or braid up wet locks in the evening and unravel the next morning for beautiful waves.

Things You'll Need


1.Deep conditioner

2.Leave-in conditioner


Tips & Tricks


Use a shampoo with humectants. These products are made with panthenol and glycerin, both of which help your hair to better absorb the water used to wash your hair. This, in turn, reduces its overall dryness.


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