How to Identify Real Versace Sunglasses

Shop at trusted stores to gain consumer confidence.

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Designer sunglasses don't come cheap, and real Versace sunglasses combine quality, fashion and whimsy for super-cool accessories. Hasty shopping can take down your street cred if you fall prey to knockoff goods, and imitation Versace won't have the quality, comfort or fit of the real deal. Learn three tips to spot real Versace and enjoy consumer confidence while shopping, then splurge on a pair of glasses you totally love and wear them with pride.


Browse Versace's current collection before you go shopping. Not only can you cut down your shopping time by picking out styles you love, but you'll gain insider insight into the shape, color, feel and style of Versace's eyewear, putting you miles ahead of the unaware chicks who might fall prey to a fake.


Look on the legs for three must-haves that tell you the glasses are authentic. If you don't see these things, you know you're being fleeced. The glasses should say "Versace" on the leg, in all caps. They'll say "Made in Italy" in all caps again in a slightly smaller font. Last, there'll be the European symbol, which looks like a rounded "CE." Called a "CE mark," this lets you know the product meets European safety and other standards. Fake sunglasses won't have these things. Some glasses might say "Versace" on the outer legs and others on the inside; this variation is fine.


Handle the glasses to see how they feel. You're paying for quality when you buy Versace -- a recent "Marie Claire" article, featured Versace sunglasses that cost $190. Examine the hinges; they should be flush with the glasses and tight, never weak, loose or crooked -- cheaply made glasses will not be sturdy. Once they've passed the authenticity and quality test, you're nearly home free with your real Versace.


Ask to see the packaging your glasses will come in. Versace sunglasses, like other designer glasses, should include a protective case. They're not going to be in a plastic bag. As you did with the sunglasses, examine the quality of the case for the designer's name, it should be spelled correctly, have well-constructed hinges, neat edges and a clean, soft interior. If the case seems well-made, you're good to go!

Tips & Tricks


Shop at trusted retailers for complete confidence. Head to a sunglasses boutique that sells Versace, like Sunglasses Hut, or visit a Versace boutique. Shopping online makes it much harder to verify the authenticity.


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