How to Identify Original & Fake Rado Watches


Rado watches are cool timepieces with a distinct modern and minimalist design. They may not have the flash of a Rolex, but they are true 21st century watches without the baggage of the paint-inside-the-lines approach of conventional timepieces. You know, round white face, numbers, leather band. Rados aren't kids' watches but chic and designer-inspired. Consider the ladies integral diamond set model with a black ceramic case and bracelet with silver hands against a black face. Now consider it with your little black dress. Yum. Yet be sure you acquire the genuine article. Rados are highly desirable and counterfeits abound.


Visit an authorized Rado dealer at a brick and mortar watch shop. Avoid online sellers. You can't physically inspect a Rado online. A watch seller will be more than happy to show you his goods. Ask for the Rado sales catalog. By familiarizing yourself with the real deal, hucksters selling fakes won't fool you when you're on the prowl for the watch. Have the dealer show you a variety of original Rados. Match them in the catalog, taking note of physical characteristics and model numbers.


Use a jeweler's loupe to examine the face of a Rado you may want to buy. Under the six should be the words "Swiss Made." This denotes a genuine Rado. If it says "swiss movt," it's a fake. Frankly, if the watch has "swiss movt," you should ask yourself what flea market did you stumble upon -- because no reputable watch seller would have such a thing in stock.


Flip the watch face down in your hand and use the loupe to inspect the caseback. Contemporary Rados have eight-digit serial numbers. Fakes have up to 13 digits.


Use the loupe to inspect the diamonds mounted on the Rado Jubilé models. The four diamonds should be genuine. A fake uses simulated diamonds and occasionally zircon on the better-crafted counterfeits. Okay, you're not a jeweler and could be fooled like anybody else when it comes to diamonds. Solve the problem by simply asking the seller for authentication of the diamonds. Walk away if she doesn't have documentation.


Examine the bracelet. The clasp has the "Rado" name embossed, but phony models do not feature the name. Keep in mind that contemporary Rados have ceramic cases and bracelets, which is a high-strength composite material. Unlike stainless steel, ceramic does not cause your wrist to perspire in hot weather. A stainless steel Rado is a dead giveaway that it's as phony as a $3 bill.

Things You'll Need


1.Jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass


Tips & Tricks


Rado identification is easy by matching the serial number stamped on the warranty card with the serial number on the watch.

The only way to protect yourself from purchasing a fake Rado is to buy from an authorized Rado dealer. Rado does not sell watches online and may not honor the warranty if the watch is purchased from an online store.


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