How to Identify a Fake Gucci Purse

Don't get stuck with a fake Gucci purse.

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If you say, "Gucci" but your friends say "Phooey!" then you may have a problem with your handbag. How can you identify a fake Gucci purse? Actually, it's simple. Gucci is a well-known, high-end designer that makes quality handbags, clothes, shoes and other accessories. If you are considering purchasing a Gucci handbag from an outside source, you should identify whether the bag is a fake before you complete the transaction.


Look for the Gucci logo. Most Gucci bags have the signature "G" logo on the entire bag. Most fake Gucci bags have "C's." C's are definitely distinguishable from G's, but from a distance, they do look the same. Examine the bag carefully to spot the fake.


Check the structure of the bag. If you notice that some pieces are glued on or some of the stitching looks like your six-year-old niece did it, then you may have a fake. Gucci uses the finest materials and their bags are constructed to perfection. It will not fall apart after a month or so.


Look at the packing material. Gucci bags will not come wrapped in plastic. Most Gucci bags come in a Gucci box or suede covering.


Look for the identification card. All Gucci bags will have an identification card with a serial number for the product written directly on the card. If the bag doesn't have an identification card, then you may have a fake.


Consider the deal. If someone offers you two pairs of Gucci glasses, a Gucci watch and a pair of Gucci loafers with your handbag purchase, then it's probably not real. Gucci is not the flea market -- you will not find a deal like this for real Gucci products.

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