How to Identify an Authentic Gucci Purse


Ooh girl, if you're looking for a deal on an authentic Gucci purse down a back-alley shop with no signage, I hate to tell you, but you're about to be scammed. Gucci sets the luxury purse trend with a classic approach. It's sleek and stylish, yet utilitarian. Feel like a fashion icon, not a fashion victim. Do your research to own an authentic Gucci purse.


Get intimate with Gucci. Don't just assume it's Gucci because the salesperson says so. If the Gucci truck has hit your neighborhood, call the counterfeit police. Purchase authentic Gucci from an authorized retailer only. Know your bag. Purse classifications include clutch, top-handle, hobo, messenger bag, shoulder bag, tote and exotic. As of 2010, the Gucci collections features 30 styles including Marrakech, Babouska, Vintage Web, Jackie O and Gucci heritage.


Linger over the logo. The authentic Gucci trademark "G" is well-defined and distinctly embossed. Incomplete logos or ones that feature a "C" or an "e" are not the real deal. Look inside to examine the iconic double G 's. Cheek to cheek, one "G" will appear upright while the other is upside down. Gucci lettering should be symmetrical, not crooked or hard to decipher.


Touch the purse. Go ahead and brush your fingers across the exterior. Authentic purses feature supple "guccissima" leather, suede, python and even crocodile trim. Colors pop with vibrancy rather than having a washed-out appearance. Unyielding or poorly crafted purses? Counterfeit, hello! The signature diamante canvas boasts an interlaced pattern with connecting brown diamonds against a tan background. Rather than a patchwork hodgepodge of leather pieces, real Gucci purses are crafted from a single piece of high-quality canvas or leather.


Scrutinize purse seams and stitching closely. You pay the price for Gucci's quality craftsmanship. Thread color matches the purse's overall color. Interior and exterior stitching is straight, tight and uniform. Any sign of loose or defective stitching means the purse is not legit. Evenly stitched seams are smooth along sides and bottom.


Verify the Gucci style and serial number. Look inside the bag. Numbers are embossed on a leather tag, just below the interior zippered pocket, or within proximity if the purse doesn't have one. Serial numbers include four to six digits. On the tag's opposite side, "GUCCI" is precisely embossed in caps, with "Made in Italy" stamped directly below.


Pay attention to hardware. Gucci's handbag zipper has "Gucci" embossed in it. The Gucci logo is etched onto purse snaps, rings and buttons, with the left side of the signature "U" slightly broader than the other. Bottom feet feature leather detailing. Don't forget to examine the iconic bamboo handles -- the real deal. Authentic horsebit-designed purses feature perfectly closed connecting rings). Breached rings? Drop the purse, girl, it's a fake.


Got the "controllato" card? To indicate it has been quality-checked, every Gucci purse has an accompanying card to ensure its authenticity. Centered at the top of the card, "Gucci" is in caps with "controllato" written in lowercase below. Ensure that the font and placement of "Gucci" is accurate.

Tips & Tricks


Gucci purses come in a box with a durable dust bag with either the "GG" logo or "Gucci" written in gold. The dust bag has a drawstring closure in either light or dark brown.

Gucci offers handbag repairs.

Counterfeiters abound. Verify the authenticity of your purchase with Gucci.


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