Ideas for Putting Beads in Your Hair

Slide colorful beads over tiny braids to add dangling design to your hair.

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Decorate your hair with colorful beads to add panache to your personal style. Class up hair designs with gossamer ribbons dotted with sparkling crystals, or go super-chic with beaded hair-hugger combs that you can make yourself. Not very crafty? Anyone can glue rhinestones to a headband or barrette to make dazzling accessories that demand attention.

Hair-Hugger Comb

Get fancy with a bead design that spans the back of your head. Beaded hair-hugger combs are available in boutiques, but you can make your own with a little patience and the right supplies. You'll need two metal hair combs, a drill and some elastic-beading cord. Drill three to four pairs of holes along the hair-comb spines; the holes should line up if you place the combs on top of each other. Place the combs side-by-side with the teeth touching. Tie a knot in the end of a 4-foot-long elastic beading cord. Start by pulling the cord up through the first hole on one comb spine, add your beads, and then feed the cord down through the facing hole on the second comb spine. Weave the line back up through the second hole in the pair, and add the same number of beads as you did the first time. Weave the line back and forth between the combs, adding beads each time you cross.

Beaded Barrette/Headband

One of the easiest ways for putting beads in your hair is to make a beaded barrette or headband. Find a blank plastic or metal form that you like, and glue the beads on using one-part epoxy adhesive. Hot glue works for a quick fix, but the beads have a tendency to pop off at the worst possible moments. Permanent glue is the best solution. Look for flat-backed beads and rhinestones -- to add a little bling -- in craft, discount and bead stores.

Beaded Ribbon

Bead lengths of ribbon strands and clip them in your hair to add lengths of flowing, silky color. Add beads to any width or style of ribbon; use a needle and thread to slide the beads onto the ribbon. The wider the ribbon, the bigger the beads you can use to create your designs. To space the beads and leave some of the ribbon visible, tie a tight knot after you add a single bead. The knot acts as a stopper to keep the beads from sliding down the ribbon. Add as many beads as you like, knot the end of the ribbon and glue the top to a small alligator clip.

Beaded Braids

Weave a beaded strand as part of a braid, or braids, to add vibrant pops of color in your hair. Create a beaded strand using fishing line, and 4mm, 6mm and 8mm beads. A single seed bead acts as a stopper at the end of the strand. Make the beaded strand slightly longer than the length of a braid; cut the line two-times longer than the desired strand length, slide on the beads and finish the row with the seed bead. Skip the seed bead and insert the line back up through all of the beads in the strand. The two ends of the line exit the first bead that you added. Knot the ends together and clip the excess line, leaving about 1/2 inch so that you can join it to your hair. Separate two sections of hair for a braid, clip the beaded strand to the top of one section -- underneath your hair -- and make a braid using the beaded strand as the third section.

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