Ideas With Glue Bond for a Black Hair Weave

Singer and actress Brandy sported a lace-front wig in Florida.

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Weave bonding is a process that involves using glue to temporarily apply weave to your head. You can sport a glue-bonded weave for two to three months. Also, treat the hair like it's yours by washing, curling, cutting and styling, if it's top-quality human hair. And since you bought it, it is yours. So, style on.

For the Love of Wigs

Lace-front wigs are best applied by a professional through a process called weave bonding. First, your hair is braided down close to the scalp, then a head cover is added. The wig is then glued down on the front, sides and back of your head. The wig's mesh lace acts as your headliner. So, since your real hair won't see daylight for the next two to three months, ensure your hair is clean before application. Lace-front wigs are great for long, curly, larger-than-life hairstyles.

Keep it on Tracks

If you want some of your real hair to show, go for track extensions. Section off some hair strands in the front, back, and along the sides. These hair strands will be visible and will act as covers over the track extensions. Starting from the back, part your hair in rows as you go up. Use special glue to place the track extensions at the root of every other parted row. If your hair is 5 inches or longer, you can pull your tracks up in a high ponytail. If not, you can wear some strands up in a low ponytail; allow the rest of the hair strands to hang down your back. Use top-quality human hair for the more natural overall look. Synthetic hair is fine to use when you're sporting a specific style that won't change -- like an updo. There are also highlighted track extensions to add haute color to your style.

The Quick Weave

If you like a specific style but don't like track extensions, go with a quick weave. Quick weaves are customized wigs styled a specific way. You can wear curls, flat twists and a ponytail all on the same wig. Your real hair is braided down first. Next, the wig is applied with glue over a cap like any other wig type. Quick weaves don't require heat, combs or any other styling utensils for upkeep. This wig can last for two to three months, and should be moisturized with oil-sheen spray to keep it looking fresh.

Removing Glue Bond

While weave bonding can be accomplished with or without a professional, it's extremely important to have extra eyes and hands when removing your weave. If your wig is ripped the wrong way or too fast, you can suffer from hair damage or loss. Weaves are supposed to enhance hair growth by giving your hair a break from products and chemicals. So, proceed with caution. First, wash your hair with shampoo to loosen up the glue. Next, use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the tracks out, one by one.

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