Does Humidity Make Hair Grow?

Humidity can make your hair plump and poofy.

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Hair is one physical feature that keeps on growing. Your rate of hair growth depends on a variety of factors. Along with heredity, the climate you live in can play a role in the health of your hair. While humidity can affect the appearance of the exposed strands of hair, it won't influence your hair follicles.

Hair Growth

Hair normally grows about 6 inches a year. The average strand of hair grows for about three years. Small follicles beneath the surface of your skin are responsible for cranking out new growth. Heredity plays a major role in the length of time it takes you to grow out your tresses. Curse your ancestors if you must, but other factors can also influence your rate of hair growth. Improper hair care, such as sadistic styling techniques and caustic chemical treatments, can hinder your hair growth. The climate you live in may also play a part in the overall health and growth of your hair.


High levels of humidity can cause your crowning fashion to frizz or flop. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Arid climates can make your skin and hair feel dry, while humid climates can impart a fine layer of moisture over your body and your hair, creating the sensation of dampness. Although moisture in the air can affect the exposed portion of your hair, it does nothing to the hair follicles beneath the surface of your skin. Even though water in the air won't improve the growth of your hair, drinking adequate amounts of water will help hydrate the cells in your body, including those that surround your hair follicles.

Cuticle Considerations

Dry and brittle strands of hair tend to break off, making it difficult to grow your hair to a longer length. Even though your follicles may be doing a dandy job of creating new growth, stressed hair that breaks can make it seem like your hair is growing slowly. A healthy hair strand includes a protective outer layer known as the hair cuticle. It is the cuticle's job to protect the delicate inner shaft. Damaged cuticle can allow excess humidity to enter your hair strands, resulting in a kinky coif. While humidity won't make your hair grow, excess moisture within the strands may weigh down your hair and stretch out the strands.

Trendy Tresses

Help your hair grow as quickly as possible by limiting damage. Minimize your use of heated hair tools, such as curling irons, blow dryers and straightening tools. Avoid stretching your hair when it is wet. A weekly conditioning treatment can help protect your hair from heat and humidity. Gently brushing your hair may help distribute your natural oils over the surface of your strands' cuticles, forming a fine barrier between your hair and the humidity.

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