The Best Hot Combs

Beautiful straight hair is easy to achieve with a hot comb.

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Hot combs are a necessity for some women. Tight curls and hard-to-reach areas can be smooth and sexy when using a hot comb. However, using the wrong one can leave you with burnt hair, and even worse, a burnt scalp. The best of the best will have your fabulous tresses straight, smooth and strong.

Hot Combs

Hot combs have been around for hundreds of years. It is basically a metal comb that is used to straighten extremely curly hair using small, closely-spaced teeth. The types of hair it works best on are super tight curls. The hot comb has to be incredibly hot to work. The original hot comb was heated on a salon oven or even a stove top. Today, modern hot combs are electric. Los Angeles Mizani Design Educator Mecai Adeola says that hot combs are perfect for those hard-to-reach, areas.

Electric Hot Comb

Finding a hot comb that works great and lasts a while can be hard. Adeola says the best hot comb for a consumer to use with ease is an electric hot comb. She says these hot combs are great, affordable and offer the everyday woman safer options to straighten her tresses at home. These types of hot combs can be found in just about any beauty supply store for $15 to $30. Her favorite is the Edge Stick, which has digital temperature settings and is made of high-quality advanced materials that allow the comb to touch the skin without causing any searing or burning.

Traditional Hot Comb

If you don't want to try something new, or are worried it won't give you the same results, you can always stick with the traditional hot comb. Adeola says that the traditional hot comb works just as well as the newer versions. However, it can be a hassle using these traditional combs because you have to place the comb in a professional stove or on your kitchen stove. This can take time out of your busy day and it can also be difficult to remove the comb from the stove.

When to Use a Hot Comb

Adeola recommends using a thermal product whenever pressing or straightening your hair. She says that these products will assist in smoothing the hair while protecting it from humidity, heat damage and dryness. So go ahead, divas, straighten away.

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Mecai Adeola; Mizani Design Educator; Los Angeles, California

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