Hot Comb Vs. Flat Iron

A flat iron is a more modern way to straighten hair.

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Old school gals likely remember sitting on the floor or in a chair while Mama hot-combed your hair. You may even still be a devoted follower of this method of straightening hair. However, if you consider yourself to be the ultra-modern fashionista, then you probably carry a flat iron rather than a hot comb everywhere you go. While the two accomplish the same goal -- silky straight locks -- they are two distinctly different tools.

Hot Comb Advantages

One of the major advantages of using a hot comb is that you may be able to obtain it at a lower price point than a flat iron. According to the Vissa Studios website, hot combs are more inexpensive than their more modern counterparts. This may be quite the bargain when you consider the fact that hot combs are also uber effective, straightening out even the thickest and kinkiest manes.

Flat Iron Advantages

Flat irons might cost more, but there's a good reason: The new technology behind these user-friendly styling tools means that you can get your hair silky and straight while still maintaining some of the moisture in your tresses. There is likely to be less damage to the hair, particularly if you're using a ceramic flat iron model, which is designed to preserve your hair despite the heat-styling component.


You may also find that you can more easily find a flat iron these days than you can a box of aspirin. It seems as though flat irons are everywhere, most likely because so many people rely on them for their daily styling needs. To find a hot comb, however, you will probably have to go to a specialty hair store.


There's a reason Mama used a hot comb on your hair: It worked. According to Vissa Studios, a hot comb is more effective than a flat iron at straightening hair. Thick and coarse hair can be a challenge to straighten out; what's more, if you can manage to get it straight, you need something that's gonna pack enough punch to help keep it that way as long as possible. If that's your aim, a hot comb is your tool.

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