What Does a Honey Mask Do for Your Skin?

Treat your face to the sticky stuff.

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If you scanned your kitchen pantry right now, you'd probably stumble across a plastic bear-shaped bottle of sweet, golden honey. Honey might make a regular appearance at your breakfast table, but the same sticky treat is also a seriously powerful natural remedy for a range of skin ailments. Honey's healing properties make it a favorite in the organic cosmetics industry, and a DIY honey mask is a simple way to nourish your skin no matter what ails you.

Thirsting for Honey

If your skin is feeling a little dry or cracked, honey is real lifesaver. Honey is one of nature's most effective humectants, a fancy term for a substance that not only helps your skin retain the moisture but also attracts moisture from the air and boosts its natural moisturizing properties. The result is a sticky substance that delivers seriously high doses of moisturizing benefits to your skin without any added chemicals. After a honey mask, your freshly hydrated skill will feel smoother and look plump and glowing. Regular treatments will help your skin boost its own ability to retain moisture and keep dryness at bay.

Blemish Buster

Whether you just suffer from the occasional pimple or you have regular knock-down drag-out battles wit acne, you've probably tried a range of products to keep those blemishes away. Honey masks show some serious promise when it comes to natural treatments for pimples and zits. Honey is a natural antimicrobial, meaning that it fights and resists bacteria. Once your harmless whiteheads and blackheads become infected with bacteria, they turn into full-blown pimples that need antibacterial products to fend off the infection. A honey mask combines natural exfoliating powers with antimicrobial benefits to penetrate the surface of your skin and fight against the bacteria that's causing your skin to flare up. It's not an overnight solution, but regular masks will tone down redness and reduce those pesky, painful bumps.

Healing Honey

Honey doesn't just boast antibacterial properties. It's also full of antioxidants that support your overall skin health. Honey's antioxidants inhibit your body's ability to create free radicals---rogue cells that attack your healthy skin cells and lead to wrinkles, lines and saggy skin. If you're the type that worships the sun, those UV rays can do some serious skin damage, but honey can stand on the front lines in your efforts to ward off those signs of aging. Honey also heals your skin if you lounged a little too long and ended up looking more like a lobster than a sun goddess.

Mask Yourself

Lots of organic and natural cosmetics companies offer face masks and lotions with honey as the star ingredient, but you can create your own honey mask with high-quality honey that also doubles as a tea sweetener when you're done treating yourself. Raw honey has been minimally processed or not processed at all, so you'll reap all the benefits of honey's natural skin-boosting ingredients. Honey is also scored on a grade, with grade A honey being the most pure and C or below the least pure. The higher quality your honey, the better the effects on your skin. A honey mask is as simple as coating your clean skin with two to three tsp. of honey so that it forms a thin layer. Be careful around your hair and eyes since honey is notoriously sticky. Soak your skin for at least 15 minutes and then gently rinse or wipe away the honey with a warm compress.

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