Honey Glycerin Soap Recipe

Skip that trip to the fancy beauty store and make honey glycerin soap yourself.

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Have you heard the buzz? Glycerin soap is easy to make, and the design, color and scent combinations are unlimited. You can stir all kinds of natural additives into glycerin-based soap, including honey, which makes the soap smell awesome and provides you a less-sticky way to use honey -- a great moisturizer -- on your skin. Start with a trip to the craft store for glycerin soap base and other supplies, including beeswax, which helps stabilize the soap and is also good for the skin. Have fun and be creative with this project; make your soap uniquely yours.


Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Don't have one? No sweat -- just fill a saucepan about half full of water, place a smaller saucepan on top and melt the beeswax in the smaller pan on medium heat.


Melt the glycerin soap base in the microwave according to package directions. If you're using a large chunk of glycerin, cutting it into smaller pieces may make it easier to melt. Use a glass container instead of plastic -- the glycerin can get hot, and you don't want your plastic container melting into it!


Stir the melted beeswax and the honey into the melted glycerin.


Stir the scent and color chips or oils, if using, into the mix. Soap scents and colors can be found in the craft store near other soap-making supplies. If you use chips, you may need to pop your soap mix back in the microwave for a few more seconds to melt them completely.


Pour the soap into the molds. Let cool and harden completely. This will probably take at least an hour, although you can speed up the process by popping your molds into the refrigerator.


Remove your soap from the molds and bask in the glow of a luxurious soap you created yourself.

Things You'll Need


1.1 tbsp. beeswax

3.1 tbsp. honey

5.Microwave-safe glass container

7.Soap molds

2.1 cup glycerin soap base

4.Double boiler or two saucepans of different sizes

6.Scent and color chips or oils (optional)


Tips & Tricks


Keep in mind that the honey and beeswax will color and scent the soap slightly, so choose compatible colors and scents if you use them at all. A few good choices include vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and floral scents.


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