Homemade Ways to Make Hair Blonder

You can lighten your hair with tea and lemon.

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Sun-kissed tresses are the ultimate in beach beauty, looking fabulous both with a bikini and a business suit. If you're tired of shelling out for a salon dye job but still want the blond look, lighten your hair using homemade blondifying recipes. You'll find most of these natural lighteners around the house, so try out one or all of them to get the perfect shade of honey, ash or platinum blond.

Lemon Juice

Pucker up for these powerful hair lighteners. Lemon juice contains a natural bleach that will make your hair blonder. Slice a fresh lemon in half, then rub the juicy sides along your hair from root to tip. With your hair soaked in citrus, head outside on a sunny day and let the sun speed up the lemon-lightening process. Leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing off. Do the lemon treatment three to five times a week, until you get the color you like.

Chamomile Tea

These pretty flowers look like baby daisies, but they pack a strong punch in the lightening department. Take 1/4 cup of fresh flowers or five chamomile tea bags and pop them into a tea pot. Pour boiling water over the chamomile and let it brew for 10 minutes until it's a nice, strong tea. Strain out the flowers, then let your hair soak in the liquid for 15 minutes. Chamomile lightens dark hair and brings out the blond in natural blonds.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If dramatic results are what you want, head to the medicine cabinet for hydrogen peroxide. This bathroom staple is a serious bleaching agent and will lift the color from even the darkest hair. Fill a misting bottle half full with hydrogen peroxide, then fill the remainder with water. Spritz over your head, and sit in the sun or blast your head with a blow dryer to activate the bleach. Keep a close eye on your hair. It'll lighten fast. So once it hits the color you like, immediately rinse it out.


Even though rhubarb is red and seems like an unlikely candidate for making hair blond, it's an effective hair lightener. Rhubarb brings out the yellow tones in brown hair and the blond tones in naturally blond hair. Just chop up the stalks and boil them until you have a deeply hued liquid. Strain off the rhubarb stalks, then soak your hair in this liquid for 15 minutes before rinsing. Repeat the rhubarb routine once a week until your hair is blond and beautiful.

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