Homemade Self Tanner Remover With Sugar

Sugar and lemons are powerful partners for removing self tanner.

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Self tanning is the way to go for a deep healthy glow without the health risks associated with worshipping the sun. As your skin naturally sheds and renews itself, however, your faux tan can become splotchy and uneven. Removing your self tan gently and naturally with ingredients like sugar will restore your skin to a smooth, even complexion.

Pre-Scrub Prep

When your tan is beginning to look uneven all over, it’s time to take it all off. To prep your whole body for a thorough scrubbing, begin by taking a long warm milk bath. Pour about half a gallon of whole milk into the tub for the full effect. The lactic acid in milk naturally exfoliates dead skin cells, so this step will help loosen up that outer layer of skin gently without the immediate need for rough scrubbing.

Sugar Scrub

A simple homemade sugar scrub will slough away the tan that remains after your milk bath. Mix equal parts olive oil, white granulated sugar and lemon juice for your scrub. The lemon juice will help lighten the tan while the oil and sugar remove dead skin cells. This scrub will finish up the job started with the milk bath. You can also use this sugar scrub without the milk bath to spot treat areas of your tan that are streaky or dark.

Avoiding Uneven Tanning

While a lemon sugar scrub will help to lighten problem areas in a home tan, you’re still left with the tricky job of reapplying tanner to even out your entire tan. Proper home tanner application will help prevent problem spots to begin with. Exfoliate your entire body before you apply self tanner for an even tan. Apply tanner with latex gloves to avoid dark streaky palms. Apply tanner to only the backs of your hands by rubbing the backs together after you’ve finished the rest of your body. Stand without touching anything for at least 10 minutes to allow the tanner to dry before you get dressed.

Pre-Tan Exfoliators

Sugar scrubs are good for more than fixing a tan. They’re also an important part of getting an even tan to begin with. For deep exfoliation on rough patches of skin, mix one part sugar with three parts honey and three parts mineral water. Exfoliation is especially important on naturally uneven spots like your knees and elbows.

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