Homemade Natural Hair Detangler

Painful knots can be fought with natural hair detanglers.

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Having tangled messy hair can happen to just about anyone. Even if you conditioned your hair in the shower, it can be prone to tangles, which can be frustrating and painful. Whipping up a natural detangler can be the answer and will allow you to leave your hair natural and chemical-free. It is good for your hair and cheap, and there are several options.

Grapefruit Spray

The site "From Nature With Love" describes this citrus-smelling grapefruit detangler. In a spray bottle, add 8 oz. of distilled water, 1 tsp. aloe vera gel, 1 to 2 drops glycerin, 1 to 2 drops essential oil and 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Store in a cool place, and shake well before each use.

Lavender Spray

The site "Everything Lavender" has a great option for an easy homemade detangling spray. Combine one cup of lavender flower water, 1/2 tsp. of jojoba oil, 1/2 tsp. of vitamin E oil and 25 to 30 drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake well before using. This spray is not only good for your hair and scalp, stimulating circulation, but it also smells great.

Simple Conditioner

The book "10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget" offers the simplest way to make a homemade hair detangler. Layer the bottom of an empty spray bottle with conditioner, then fill it to the top with water and shake until blended. You will have to experiment for the right amount of conditioner for your hair, as it varies from person to person. Too much conditioner can leave your hair greasy, but too little can make the tangles harder to get out.


For each of the solutions you need to shake the bottle before every use to ensure all ingredients are combined. Spray evenly on your hair before combing. Try finger-combing your hair first to get out loose tangles. If you come across a stubborn knot, don't try to force the brush through. Instead, spray some of the detangler right on it and work it out.

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