Homemade Eyelash Primer

Make your own primer to add length to your eyelashes.

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If you weren’t born with naturally luscious eyelashes that have admirers doing double-takes and tripping over themselves, don’t worry! There is hope for you -- even if you're on a budget. Try your hand at making a homemade eyelash primer to make your peepers pop. Eyelash primers help add length to your lashes and help make them appear fuller. The more you put on, the more length you’ll get.

Petroleum Jelly

This use of petroleum jelly on the eyelashes is an old beauty secret used since the late 1800s. When applied to the lashes regularly, petroleum jelly helps condition lashes and makes them appear thicker. It’s best applied by dipping a clean mascara wand into a jar of petroleum jelly and using the wand to coat your top and bottom lashes, making sure you don’t get any of it into your eyes.

Castor Oil

Castor oil encourages healthy eyelash growth and helps to keep eyelashes from breaking. It’s also a great conditioner for your lashes. It helps to regrow lashes that may have fallen out for one reason or another. An easy way to apply castor oil is to place some of the product on a cotton ball and apply it to your top and bottom lashes.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is good for your hair and skin. Applying Vitamin E oil to your lashes regularly helps keep them healthy. As with castor oil, this product will condition your lashes. You can apply this oil to your top and bottom lashes using a cotton ball. As with any product, avoid getting it into your eyes. If you do, flush your eyes thoroughly.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is another oil that helps works wonders for your peepers. Produced largely in Morocco from the kernels of the argan tree fruit, this oil’s anti-aging properties has beauty perks for you. Its anti-aging properties condition lashes, prevent breakage and encourage flexibility. Apply argan oil to your lashes using a cotton ball and as often as you desire.

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