Homemade Dreadlock Products

Upkeep is key to great dreads.

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Dreadlocks need plenty of TLC to look their best. As most dreadie divas know, the products needed to keep your locks looking lovely can be expensive and hard to find. Luckily, specialized hair care products like lock accelerator and dread wax can be made right at home. Homemade dread care products are cheap, convenient and give you full control over what you put in your locks. What’s not to love?

Residue-Free Shampoo

The saying "Cleanliness is next to godliness" definitely applies to dread heads. To prevent grime and build-up from accumulating in your locks, you'll need a good residue-free shampoo. Castile soap, baking soda and glycerin are awesome options that will leave your locks looking so fresh and so clean. To make residue-free soap at home, combine ¾ cup of pure liquid castile soap with 1 cup of water in a mixing bowl. For extra fragrance, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Lock Accelerator

While it’s not required for healthy dreads, locking accelerator can help new dreads tighten up faster. It works by drying the hair and increasing friction to speed up the knotting process. Sea salt and water are all you need to make your own homemade accelerator. Just combine 1 tablespoon sea salt with 16 ounces water, mix and apply with a spray bottle. While some commercial brands also include yucca, aloe and other herbal ingredients, these are not required for homemade locking accelerator.

Dread Wax

Like locking accelerator, dread wax is a totally optional dread care product. Beeswax is a natural ingredient found in many brands of dread wax. Because of its brittle texture, beeswax must be mixed with other ingredients before application. According to Dread Head HQ, many store brands contain petrolatum, which can have the opposite effect on your locks by causing them to untangle. To make dread wax at home, combine 1 cup melted beeswax with 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and apply evenly. Warning: Dread wax attracts dirt and debris, so you'll want to cover your hair with a silk scarf or shower cap before snoozing.


Not all dread care blends work well for all hair types. Before applying a homemade product to your entire head, test a small amount on your locks to see how they react. Stop use immediately if you develop nasty side effects like itching, burning or irritation.

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