Homemade Coverup Makeup

Create your own cover-up and dab it on.

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Why stop by a store and suffer through testing all its products on your skin when you can whip up your own coverup at home? It won’t contain any ingredients that you can’t pronounce, either! It takes a little more work than handing over your credit card, but homemade cover-up is often better than the store-bought stuff.


Homemade makeup is economical, customizable and, best of all, completely accessible. No more wondering exactly what the long words at the makeup container mean. When you’re putting your own ingredients together, you know exactly what items combined to make the finished product. It’s also easy to create in a pinch.


All you need is some lotion, powder base, mica pigment and a powder binder. Check out your local beauty supply store to find the ingredients you need. Choose a mica pigment that matches your skin or is just a shade lighter. For the lotion, try cocoa butter. Get a stick of 100 percent cocoa butter that’s thick enough to conceal and pale enough to mix well with powders.


To blend the makeup, just put in equal parts powder base and mica pigment to create a color. Add in a pinch of powder binder and mix it up until the colors look completely blended. You now have a colored powder. Remove some of the cocoa butter stick and chop the colored powder into it. Blend the two until you have a skin-colored cream.


Dip your finger into your homemade cover-up. Dot it under your eyes, over any blemishes and on any other areas that you need to cover up before applying foundation. Use a small makeup brush to blend in the cover-up. Apply the rest of your makeup as usual.

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