At Home Ways to Naturally Fade Hair Dye

Don't hide from your hair color; do something about it!

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Hair dye commercials make the idea of changing your hair color seem so tempting. While playing around with your hair color is loads of fun, sometimes impulsive dyeing is a bad idea and can leave you with a color so bad you won't want to leave the house. Before you become a shut-in though, try some at-home hair color removal methods to tone down your terrible color.

Hot Water

If you've heard your stylist say not to wash your hair with hot water after a dye job, there's a good reason. Heat can strip hair color. If you want to banish bad hair color you should make heat your best friend. As soon as you can after you dye your hair, hop into the shower and rinse your head with hot water -- not too hot though; you don't want to burn your scalp. Rinse your hair with hot water after shampooing and conditioning, too. Remember that hot water can dry out your skin, so don't overdo it.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are awesome ways to give your hair an extra dose of moisture and shine. Like hot water though, the heat strips your hair of color. Pick up a hot oil treatment and use it on your tresses, or just heat up some extra virgin olive oil in the microwave. Make sure it doesn't get too hot though -- oil burns are painful. Slather the stuff on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it out. Your hair will feel healthier and it'll help fade your color. Too much of a good thing is never a great idea though -- using hot oil more than once a week can damage your hair.


Put away you color-safe shampoos for now; there are a couple of types of shampoo that'll help fade bad hair color. One is dandruff shampoo. Dandruff shampoo contains ingredients that help stop scalp flakes, and these ingredients also help strip your hair of color when you mix it with a pinch of baking soda. Another shampoo that'll tone down your color is any type of volumizing shampoo. Volume shampoos work by expanding the hair cuticle, which in conjunction with another dye removal method will help your color fade faster.

Dish Soap

Yes, the same stuff you use to clean up after dinner can fade a terrible dye job. Mix a few drops of blue dish soap in with your favorite shampoo, and then scrub your hair with it. Try this once every few days until you're satisfied with your color. Treat your hair with extra love while doing this though. Dish soap doesn't contain any ingredients that soften hair, so your locks will probably feel dry afterward. Use some deep conditioning treatments to pump moisture back into your hair.

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