Home Remedy for Removing Calcium Deposits From Under the Eye

Calcium deposits are most likely to occur around the rim of your eye where it's bony..

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If you have a calcium deposit under your eye, you probably won’t notice it for quite a long time, especially since they are soft when they first form. However, as the calcium deposit begins to harden, it can cause pain around the eye. Ouch! But don’t freak out. You’re not going to go blind and your eye isn’t going to roll out of its socket.


Calcium deposits are most common in areas where you have bones – making them fairly uncommon under the eyes, an area made up of mostly tissue. However, if you have sunken eyes with a lot of bone around them, it’s possible. Unfortunately, an exact cause of calcium deposits has yet to be determined by medical science. In most cases, calcium deposits affect women between the ages of 35 and 65, but men can develop calcium deposits as well.


Calcium deposits under the eye can be pretty irritating, and they can make you uncomfortable. But a little bit of gentle massage can help to relieve tension and soften the deposit. To massage calcium deposits, close your eye and gently massage the area in a circular motion with clean fingers for five to 10 minutes two to three times per day, ideally once in the morning, mid-day and again in the evening. If the deposit is close to the eyeball, don’t press too hard – you don’t want to damage your eye. As a general rule, if the amount of pressure you are using is at all uncomfortable to your eye, lighten your touch.

Olive Oil

Not just for cooking anymore, olive oil can be used as a topical treatment for removing calcium deposits under the eye. To use olive oil, put a small amount of it on a clean thumb and forefinger and gently massage the oil onto the area of skin closest to the deposit for two to three minutes. Olive oil treatment works best with calcium deposits around the edge of the eye near your nose or temple.


Nobody likes going to the doctor, right? Well, if you think you’ve got a calcium deposit under your eye, you need to go, even if home remedies help you out. Calcium deposits under your eye can cause eye problems over time, and even if you think you’ve taken care of the problem with a home remedy, you can’t be sure since you aren’t a doctor! Don’t be afraid – a calcium deposit under your eye isn’t that big of a deal, and in a lot of cases, what you thought was a calcium deposit may be something else entirely.

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